Our heads are too small for our minds

Our minds are not limited to what exists in our heads. If you ask me if I know the time, I will answer yes, and then reference my watch. The current knowledge of time does not exist in my head. However, it is so accessible that it is an extension of my mind. We believe that the data you create should be as easily accessible to you.



Giving you access to the data you create


Actions you do in the physical world create digital traces. Whenever you check Facebook your browser remembers, when you spend the day at work your phone knows, when you GChat a friend Google remembers, when you’re binge watching your favourite TV show Plex/Netflix knows, when your heart races Fitbit remembers.


Memair gives you access to the data you create and the ability to easily recall the digital memories you create. Easily recall how often you check facebook, when you are at work, how many hours you spend watching TV, or when your heart races.


Derive insight from disparate data sources. Discover the GChat conversations that increase your heart rate, understand your Facebook usage patterns, become aware of how much of your week you spend watching Plex/Netflix.



Control your mind

Memair is an app that helps you gather your digital memories. It consolidates your digital footprint giving you access and control to the data you are already producing. With a powerful API, Memair gives you the secure option to share your memories with third party developers to gain insight that benefits you.
Memair is an extension of your mind and the data you produce remains yours. You will have the ability to download all your memories or permanently destroy unwanted memories.