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Presets is a new feature that makes it easy to manually collect data. Presets are written in GraphQL and can accept variables. Explore Memair’s GraphQL API with GraphiQL.

International Travel Log

One of the requirements of the Canadian Citizenship application is a list of international travel for the last 5 years. Compiling that list manually is no easy task for frequent...

Introducing Keyboard Shortcuts

Memair Player now respects keyboard shortcuts. No more useless half page scroll when you try to pause a video.

Memair DNS

“Deep work” refers to large periods of time without distractions from things like social media and email. The term was coined by Cal Newport and he wrote a book on...

Kid Friendly Video Recommender

Memair is excited to introduce our Kid Friendly Video recommender. To try it out;

Better YouTube Recommendations

We’re making better YouTube recommendations. Our first video recommender is designed for people with Autism, limiting their exposure to inappropriate content. We decided to service the Autism community first as...